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How It Works

How To Buy

Buyers are strongly encouraged to ask questions via the contact seller button or calling a sales representative to set up a conference call PRIOR to making an offer.

We also recommend that negotiating occurs on one machinery at a time to avoid multiple binding purchases unless the intention is to purchase multiple items.

Buyers must be registered and logged in order to submit an offer to the respective seller.

Enter the Qty and Price. Please note all funds are USD and a 10% sur-charge commission fee applies.

Once an offer is placed, the seller has three of the following options:

  1. Accept the offer which will prompt a sales rep. to reach out and issue an Invoice. Payment is due within 5 Business Days.
  2. Counter the offer (meaning the offer was not accepted but the seller will consider this amount instead)
  3. Or in some rare cases, the seller may advise if the machinery is no longer available in their inventory

Please note, there is no obligation to purchase or pay a fee if buyer and seller do not agree on a price.

Selling with Us

Sellers need to register and create a free account before they can list equipment. Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Once you’ve created a seller account, you can log in and list your equipment for sale. Please have current photos and specifications ready for listing to be completed. Please call our main line if you need further assistance with listing!

Please note that all equipment will be reviewed and manually approved before it’s listed on our site.

When a buyer makes an offer, you as the seller will receive an email notification. You can either accept the offer, or make a counter offer, or advise if machinery is no longer available via your Dashboard.

Your seller dashboard will show all the offers that have been made on your equipment along with any questions prospective buyers have.

Use your dashboard to quickly respond to potential buyers, review offers, issue counter offers and more.

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